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Yudha Situmorang

4 Years
Alma mater:
Universitas Padjajaran, Boston University

Personal Information

Yudha left a mining company to start his own. He is pursuing business education in the United States in order to adopt the successful digital business development to Indonesia. He is charge of business development and partnerships.

Yudha has started to work in the digital world since he was in high school. SEO collaboration includes both domestic and international clients. Yudha considers the Internet to be a necessity in business. And investing in SEO is the first step toward a commitment to good internet use for businesses.


  • Experienced in strategic planning. Sharpen the long-term and tactical mindset to stay relevant to the present
  • Initiated and Developed Digital Business
  • Experienced in managing small to large teams and consistently able to keep team balance

Technical Information

Yudha’s communication and planning skills enable him to translate the client wants and needs into SEO realities. Always success to gain client’s trust by providing clients with realistic perspectives and expectations. Managing client relationships is also essential for long-term collaboration. Yudha has also networked with many media outlets for link building in technical SEO.

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